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Whether you’re an athlete yourself or simply a fan of the game, our hockey simulator offers you the opportunity to try out your ice hockey skills from the warmth of Dewey’s indoor bar and grill. Grab onto a hockey stick and step into a world-class simulation. Our carefully positioned cameras and sensors will pick up on your every motion, providing you with a real-time 3D projection that makes every pass and maneuver truly come alive.

You’ll shoot against life-size goalies in life-size nets with high definition simulation renderings that provide a vivid experience. Select from six different goalies and two different arena settings, allowing you to change the landscape every time you step into the simulation. Put your skills to the test against goalies of all levels – from easy to pro. Or, focus on perfecting your technique by shooting at targets to test for speed and accuracy.

Dewey's Hockey Simulators

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Game Overview

  1. 1 or 2 Players
  2. 3 Skill Levels
  3. 5 World Goalies
  4. 3 Game Modes
  5. 2 Unique Game Environments
  6. Speed and Location Tracking

  1. Goalie Shootout
  2. Target Challenge
  3. Hardest Shot Challenge

  1. Stadium
  2. Aircraft Carrier
  3. Wild West
  4. Downtown
  5. The Beach

  1. USA
  2. Sweden
  3. Czech Republic
  4. Finland
  5. Russia
  6. Canada

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Data feedback and practice

As with all of our sports simulators, you can pack in more practice in a fraction of the time you’d spend in a real arena. No need to lace up your skates or chase down another wayward hockey puck, simply step up to the sensor and put your skills on the line. With instant data-driven feedback you’ll be able to carefully adjust your technique and improve with every round.

Ready to “take to the ice” and step into our state-of-the-art hockey simulator experience? Eager to have your own mighty ducks moment? Our high tech hockey simulator puts all the attention on you and puts the entire game of hockey right in your hands – in the comfort of our Orlando Sports Bar. If that sounds like an experience you don’t want to miss out on, reserve your simulator time online or by calling us directly at (407) 203-2222.