Deweys Orlando Football Simulators

Orlando Football Simulators

This great American sport just got even greater thanks to the high definition state-of-the-art football simulator available at Dewey’s Sports Bar. Whether you’re an athlete yourself, or simply enjoy a casual game of touch from time to time, our football simulator gives you an up-close experience that’s often only reserved for the pros on the finest training grounds.

Practice your technique, challenge your friends, and select from two of our most popular football simulation challenges:

Quarterback Challenge
Ready to become the team’s star player and unleash your inner QB? Challenge yourself with a 2-minute drill as you throw to receivers all over the field and hone your precision with every release. Or, choose between short and long plays to execute as you march your team down the field and nail each pass through a sea of defense. Benefit from real-time feedback on pass location, distance, and ball speed after each throw, allowing you to make the necessary modifications as you go.

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Field Goal Challenge

Round-out your football simulation experience as you split the uprights with field goal kicking in five different simulated stadiums. Select from progressive attempt distances or in-game distance, while using trajectory tracking to keep you’re your kick on target. After every kick, review your ball location and speed data.
Data feedback and practice experience

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Whether you’re a coach, trainer, athlete, or enthusiast, nothing offers the same training efficiency or effectiveness as our football simulator. Release more passes, practice more kicks, and benefit from a steady stream of objective data that is designed to give you the critical feedback necessary to improve your technique.

Dewey's Football Simulators

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Game Overview

  1. 1 or 2 Players
  2. 3 Skill Levels
  3. Boost option
  4. 5 Unique Game Environments
  5. Speed and Distance Tracking

  1. Stadium
  2. Aircraft Carrier
  3. Wild West
  4. Downtown
  5. The Beach

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