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Soccer is gaining popularity in the US in a way that it never has before. With the World Cup creating ever more buzz and soccer leagues expanding exponentially, it is quickly becoming one of the country’s new favorite games to watch and play. Whether you’ve been a fan or athlete for years, or are just trying out your skill on the field, our high-tech soccer simulator is an excellent place to boost your confidence and challenge your friends.

With the help of our state-of-the-art HD rendering, you’ll be able to experience the game in real time scenarios. Put your skills to the test against a computerized goal keeper, or opt for an increased challenge when you go up against multiple defenders. Multi-player mode lets you challenge a friend for most goals or hardest shot, which makes for an interesting night at the bar. You can even bend the ball to fool the goalie, or try for straight-ahead power.

Dewey's Soccer Simulators

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Game Overview

  1. 1 or 2 Players
  2. 3 Skill Levels
  3. 5 Keeper Characters
  4. 5 Unique Game Environments
  5. Speed and Location Tracking

  1. Stadium
  2. City Park
  3. Egypt
  4. Swiss Alps
  5. The Beach

Data feedback and practice

As with all of our sports simulators, you can pack in more practice in a fraction of the time you’d spend on a real world soccer field. Leave your cleats at home, step up to the sensor and put your skills on the line. With instant data-driven feedback, you’ll be able to carefully adjust your technique and improve with every round. But if you’re more interested in taking a laid back approach, simply enjoy one of our many drinks while you watch your friends and family take a turn.

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Shoot Penalties While You Sip On An Ice Cold Drink!

Are you ready to get out on the field and learn how to bend it like Beckham? If you’re interested in honing your skill and enjoying a truly interactive game like you’ve never played it before, join us at Dewey’s Sports Bar.