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Better than a batting cage, at Dewey’s we offer you a state-of-the-art experience, complete with HD 3D renderings as well as data-driven analysis and feedback to help you hone your technique or simply win a bet with one of your drinking buddies. Rain or shine, our facility is open and available for you to practice your skill – whether you’re an athlete yourself or simply a fan of the game.
Our baseball simulator is also an excellent, non-intimidating environment for you to teach your children the finer points of the game. Practice your technique, challenge your friends, and select from two of our most popular baseball simulator games:

Home Run Derby
Feel the excitement as you swing for the fences in our Interactive Home Run Derby. Choose one of six unique game environments and stadiums, allowing you to keep the look fresh and new each time you step up to the place. You’ll also be able to select between two modes of play (the Home Run Derby or the Target Challenge), each designed to help you increase your reaction time, speed, and strength. Enjoy both speed and distance tracking, allowing you to keep improving with every swing.

Home Run Derby

Baseball Pitching – Target Challenge

Or, if you prefer to curve balls and sliders, throw some heat when you take to the mound as a pitcher in our baseball simulator. Select from two modes of play and a variety of different playing environments – from a stadium to a parking lot to an Aztec arena. You can even see your precise throwing speed and accuracy, allowing you to practice a variety of different pitches while still keeping up your precision and overall power.

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Are you ready to get up off the bench and out onto the field? If you’re interested in honing your skill and enjoying a truly interactive game like you’ve never played it before, join us at Dewey’s Sports Bar. Book your baseball simulator time online or by calling us directly at (407) 641-2915.

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Game Overview

Select the “Home Run Derby” to get the feel of playing in a big league home run contest. The in-game environments are life-sized and challenged even the most seasoned veterans. Or select the “Target Challenge” to concentrate on precise hit location and distance.

  1. 2 Modes of Play
  2. 6 Unique Game Environments
  3. Speed & Distance Tracking
  4. Post Game Analysis
  5. High Score Tracking
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Feel the excitement as you swing for the fences in our Interactive Home Run Derby!